the Core Business

Exceptional transport

Over time, oversized transport has become our main activity. We have semi-trailers flat, lowered e telescopic, extendable up to 38 meters and with a flow rate of up to approx. 90 tons of weight, equipped with all the necessary equipment for transport carried out in a workmanlike manner.

The vehicles are in possession of permanent authorizations for all the main Italian destinations and for the whole French territory. Technical escort service with authorized personnel and vehicles.


Thanks to our vehicles it is possible to transport prefabricated buildings in c.a.p. up to 40 meters in length.


We have semi-trailers for the transport of any type of light and heavy carpentry, up to 90 tons in weight and 40 meters in length.

Tanks and Silos

The transport of silos and tanks, generally used in the food and chemical sector, takes place with vehicles specially equipped with reservoirs for large diameters.

Bridges and Viaducts

We have semi-trailers extendable up to 40 meters and with a capacity of up to 90 tons suitable for the transport of elements intended for the construction of bridges and viaducts.

Operating machines

Transport capacity of industrial machines of all types and sizes and up to 90 tons. of weight. Availability of low-bed semi-trailers, removable and not, with ramps, which allow you to travel at a height of only 40 cm from the ground.


Possibility of transporting sailing and motor boats, through the use of lowered, removable semi-trailers with a maximum length of 18m use of technical escorts with qualified and regularly qualified personnel.