It is a source of undoubted satisfaction and motivation to touch the result of one's work first hand, carried out with commitment, dedication and professionalism and these are the feelings that characterized our team once the exceptional transports we describe in this post have been successfully concluded. .

We took the challenge that presented itself to us when we planned these transports a few months ago with favor and initiative. Resourcefulness and challenge because we are talking about uncommon travels.

In fact, we had to evaluate the transport from the province of Padua to the province of Piacenza of carpentry, in particular ferrules, having a diameter of 6.10 meters and a height of 3.30 meters.

We gladly decided to take this opportunity; We immediately evaluated which means to use and we studied the route in detail, deciding, according to our experience, that it was better to opt for transport on the normal road network.

We then shared our technical considerations step by step with our client and came to an agreement. At that point we further investigated the subject by sending two people from our team to view the route, to measure the narrowest points, to check the heights of the underpasses and guard rails; in a word to understand if the convoy could pass from the origin of the transport to the destination.

The outcome of this thorough inspection was positive and this triggered a second phase: the request for the necessary permits for transport.

In this phase we interfaced with the various public bodies, managers of the various road arteries that we had identified as ideal for travel, and we collaborated with them in order to explain our considerations and the reasons for our choices. This exchange of views and views led, in a relatively short time, to obtaining all the necessary permits.

At this point, after having identified with our client the most appropriate days to make the trips, we left! Of course, with these dimensions we were allowed to transit only during the night. We had to organize the necessary technical escorts, make arrangements with the Anas and Autostrade employees to organize their simultaneous presence for technical assistance, where these had been foreseen and… after two nights of travel, we have reached the goal!

We were satisfied because every single gear had worked well, from start to finish; from the request for quotation to the unloading of the material.

This is what we call exceptional transport organized with sartorial precision.